Montréal Québec Canada
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An electro-acoustic journey to explore, for seven long days and nights, the sound possibilities of the remote past reimagined from the present. With The Long Count, her most recent album and the first for the Modern Love label, Debit gives us a disturbing yet captivating experience in which the sounds of whistles, ocarinas, flutes and different Mayan wind instruments are reconstructed through Artificial Intelligence.

After a thorough review of the huge sound archive of the University's Institute of Mayan Studies, Debit developed digital instruments to give the ancient Mayan instrumentation different temperaments and scales. Beyond seeking the precision of the original sound emitted by the Mayan ancestors, with the speculative fiction of The Long Count, Debit inyects a breath of new life to the atmospheres of a world that has been systematically erased. For Nocturne 360, Debit will bring an oneiric ritual in which past and present are interspersed through sound and digital creativity.

Mexican-american producer Delia Beatriz aka Debit.


Mexican-american producer Delia Beatriz aka Debit.


Modern Love, Quiet Time Tapes, N.A.A.F.I.


The Long Count (Modern Love, 2022)


Over the summer, Debit took over the Centro de Cultura Digital Memorial with an A/V installation and performance as part of the program “The Sound That Goes Through,” a few weeks after wrapping up a North American mini-tour alongside Andy Stott.