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Ellxandra is a vocalist, songwriter and producer from Cameroon currently residing in Montréal, Canada. Her parents being “music lovers”, she was raised in a household that heavily promoted musical expression; as a result she has been composing and singing for as long as she can remember.

Originally self-orienting as a lead singer in various jazz and funk bands, an encounter with electronic music in 2015 caused her to reevaluate the boundaries of what she had considered musical. She later drew inspiration from various artists around the city’s diverse underground scenes to begin experimenting with electronic sounds, her international background allowing her to blend genres, incorporating electronic dance grooves with soulful jazzy vocals, le tout peppered with melancholy.


Ellxandra is a Cameroonian singer, songwriter and producer currently living in Montréal.




Old Memories That Never Were (2021)


Ellxandra released her first EP on Alicia Hush's label, Hushlamb, in April 2021.