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Evian ChristUK

Evian Christ<sup>UK</sup>
Evian ChristUK

08.23 | 11:00 pm_4:00 am
Live A/V

Credit: Sam Ibram

Evian Christ, a forward-looking figure in electronic music, is known for merging introspective soundscapes with the grandiose elements of trance. Based in Ellesmere Port, England, he has carved a distinctive niche through a unique approach to production and sound design. His 2023 debut album, Revanchist, marks a significant exploration of trance music, extending its boundaries beyond conventional euphoria to touch upon the profound and sublime.
His creative process involves a meticulous layering of atmospheric textures and potent melodic structures, bringing to the forefront a deep understanding of both the genre’s history and its futuristic potential. His music opts for a ghostly tapestry of sounds, with slowly-burning tracks that create an enveloping texture. This approach is influenced by a variety of sources, from iconic video game soundtracks to the enduring legacy of 2000s trance icons.
What makes Evian Christ stand out is his ability to infuse each track with a dual sense of immediacy and timelessness, crafting soundscapes that resonate on both emotional and cerebral levels. His performances, such as those at his TranceParty series, are known for their transformative impact and long-lasting aura.

Evian Christ UKRevanchist
Live A/V | Canadian Premiere

Evian Christ, known for his introspective yet grandiose trance soundscapes, is set to captivate MUTEK Montréal with his profound approach to electronic music. His production technique, characterized by atmospheric layering and melodic potency, draws from a rich tapestry of influences including iconic video game scores and 2000s trance icons. His debut album, Revanchist, transcends the typical, creating a transformative live performance atmosphere.


Evian Christ, born Joshua Leary, is an artist and producer from Ellesmere Port, England.


Warp Records


Revanchist (2023)
Ultra (2020)


Evian Christ was introduced to trance music around the age of 11 by his DJ stepfather, who used to play it regularly.