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A balance of creative contrasts that reform into what’s wholly its own, Ouri and Helena Deeland’s collaborative project recalls the multitudes of Hildegard of Bingen–abbess, mystic, composer, writer, scholar, polymath, philosopher–embodied within a singularity. Ouri’s own pluralities as a DJ, electronic producer, and classically-trained musician influence her shape-shifting relationships with melody and bass, all the while Deland’s experimental approach to songwriting ranges in indie genres with no discernible pattern, as memories that ever-change through the present in which they are called on. The two as one and their individual embrace for transformation provide for an innate creative connection, where the meeting place sounds something like dusk or dawn, and finds freedom in sensuality and hysteria, duality and multiplicity. Hildegard make their MUTEK debut this fall following the recent release of their self-titled debut album.

Expect nostalgic vocals weaving in and out of nocturnal sounds as Hildegard (Ouri and Helena Deland) balance acoustic and electronic sensitivities with a live hardware performance –– synthesizers (Moog Sub Phatty and Dave Smith’s Prophet 08), steel-guitar, cello, multiple effect pedals, and microphones.


Montréal-based singer-songwriter Helena Deland and multi-instrumentalist Ouri meet somewhere between light and dark - heaven and earth - to come together as Hildegard.


Make It Rain Records, Ghostly International, Chivi Chivi, Luminelle Records


Ouri : Too Fast No Pain (2021), We Share Our Blood (2018), Superficial (2017),

Helena Deland : Someone New (2020), Altogether Unaccompanied Vol. III & IV (2018)


Hildegard’s eight-track debut album is an eight-day document of Ouri and Deland’s growing connection as their artistic styles converge, perhaps not into a midway point but within an entirely new identity.