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Jump Cut #4CA/QC+DE+ES+UK

Jump Cut #4<sup>CA/QC+DE+ES+UK</sup>
Jump Cut #4CA/QC+DE+ES+UK

Jump Cut is a six-part cable-access-style web series of streamed collaborations between multidisciplinary international artists. Conceived by Dana Gingras/Animals of Distinction as a way to survive and thrive in these times, Jump Cut is an opportunity to curate an unpredictable encounter between artists who are currently working in isolation. Each episode will feature a unique combination of artists to create a multi-disciplinary collaboration that will only be accessible as a unique on line experience.

Jump Cut #4 CA/QC+DE+ES+UK

In Jump Cut #4, an extraterrestrial life form visits the earth to stratify itself in a geologic formation that produces an anomaly in humans' phenomenological time consciousness who come into contact with this place. The process is done through formulaic choreographic rituals in different places around the island of Mallorca. An audiovisual collaborative essay by Lucrecia Dalt, Aina Climent, Judit J. Ferrer and Miguel Prado.

The Jump Cut series is co commissioned by CTM Festival in Berlin, an internationally recognized platform for adventurous music and art.