Montréal Québec Canada
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08.25 | 10:30 pm_3:00 am
Live A/V

Credit: Letizia Cigliutti

Kode9, born Steve Goodman, is a seminal figure in electronic music, known for his innovative approach to sound and his ability to blend academic insights with club culture. As the founder of Hyperdub, Goodman has influenced a wide spectrum of electronic sounds, pioneering genres as Dubstep, UK Garage and Grime, and supporting groundbreaking artists like Burial or Jessy Lanza. His scholarly work, notably his book Sonic Warfare, underpins his musical output with a deep theoretical foundation.
His music often reflects themes of socio-political relevance, utilizing sound as a tool to explore and comment on contemporary issues. Distinctively, it is characterized by a meticulous attention to rhythm and texture. Kode9’s work incorporates complex, broken beats with a dense, atmospheric layering of sounds, creating a dynamic experience that is as intellectually stimulating as it is visceral. Through albums like Nothing and Escapology, he continues to push the limits of what electronic music can represent, making him not just a musician, but a modern-day digital philosopher.

Kode9 UK
Live A/V

Kode9 presents his Escapology live a/v show, a sonic exploration drawn from his latest album. This performance merges asymmetric club rhythms with sharp, immersive sound designs, embodying a digital escape narrative. Infused with socio-political commentary through the lens of science fiction, the show features dynamic visuals by his creative cohort, emphasizing Kode9’s role as a visionary sound architect in contemporary electronic music.

Kode9 (Steve Goodman) is a London-based Scottish musician, writer and artist.




The Hyperdub label founded by Kode9 in the early 2000s is celebrating its 20th anniversary and boasts a catalog of over 200 releases as varied as they are high quality.