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Excelling in melodic stabs, layers of percussion and surging, syncopated 140bpm grooves, Montreal's Nela Paki has made a name for herself by contrasting liquid basslines with harsh polyrhythmic grooves that delve into the lower end of bass music sounds.

Previously performing under aliases such as S. Tease and Lacedetail, Montreal's Nela Paki now uses the laced moniker for her current output of progressive, entrancing electronic patterns. A veteran of the Montreal noise scene, Paki shifted to electronic music in 2015, with her first "Define This Mood" EP providing a blistering surge of industrial power on Toronto's Summer Isle label.

Since then, Paki has carved out a strong knack for distinct, powerfully syncopated workouts, performing alongside E-Saggila, Hiro Kone, Jaclyn Kendall, Minimal Violence and Hieroglyphic Being. In 2019 she started her label Causal Chain, pushing elegantly destructive compositions that draw from IDM, techno and breaks, deeply inspired by the UK bass sound - many of those influences are also detectable on her mixes on Montreal's radio station as Saudade, alongside collaborator Lyonnais Archambault. Of the belief that making music in a social vacuum makes no sense, Paki has also incorporated ethics into her productions that redistribute resources to organizations such as Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund as well as the Unist'ot'en Legal Fund.

For this year's MUTEK, laced's live set squeezes emotion out of her trustworthy Yamaha RM1X, crafting hypnotic liquid basslines backed by harsh polyrhythmic grooves. Not afraid to push the BPM into some truly freakout worthy digits, laced delves into the darkest corners of the lower end of bass music sounds.


Montreal's Nela Paki, an electronic music producer and interactive designer whose live hardware sets bottle the distilled percolations of UK-influenced breaks, techno and IDM, half of Saudade alongside Lyonnais Archambault


Various Artists - (Casual Chain, 2020), Pandemic Artifact Compilation - 2020, SOLIDARITY Compilation - 2020, Lacedetail ‎– Define This Mood (Summer Isle, 2018), Power Puerto Rico Compilation - 2017


Paki's searing track Jungling is a standout on 2020's SOLIDARITY fundraiser compilation, supporting the Wet'suwet'en Nation in their opposition to a Coastal Gaslink Pipeline cutting through their traditional territory.