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Iregular is a Montreal-based digital art studio that creates audiovisual installations, large-scale sculptures, architectural projections, and scenographies with a focus on interactive and immersive experiences. The studio has a catalog of more than 50 interactive works and has toured more than 30 countries.
At the crossroads between art and technology, these artworks experiment with geometry, light, sound, mathematics, algorithms, communication protocols, and artificial intelligence. Iregular also develops its own proprietary technologies.
The studio works with the infinite and random combinations produced by interactive systems that the audience influences and transforms. The goal is always to spark curiosity and wonder through a dialogue between the public and the living artwork, an experience that varies with each different personal point of view. Interaction is at the core of it all. It is only the relationship between the people and the piece that finalizes the artwork and gives it meaning.
was founded in 2010 by Colombian Canadian digital artist Daniel Iregui. The team is completed by Eloi Beauchamp, Hind Azennar, Olivier Gagnon, Célia Genevois, Guillaume Turgeon, Hugo St-Onge, Nicolas Prud’homme, Xavier Tremblay, Manon Andréa Leroy, Alice Sanz, Dana Ryashy, Etienne Deniger, Joseph Battesti, Mariam Assaf, Aurelia Ciocanu, and Roger Caron.

FACES is an interactive installation that uses Artificial Intelligence to track the facial traits of participants standing in front of a screen, and then unifies and aligns them to create ancever-changing 3D portrait of a single digital being.
is an eerie amalgamation of images from strange dreams. We’ve long dreamt of physically reconnecting with people in the two years of forced isolation, and we now have the opportunity to make it a reality again. This artwork reminds us of the importance of such connections, by creating a collective human made up from bits and pieces of all participants.
After social distancing from our closest friends and family members, FACES allows us to be linked to complete strangers through profound blending of our skins, eyes, mouths, and every other feature of our infinitely varied faces.

Experience the FACES installation, created by Iregular, at the basement of the Société des arts technologiques [SAT] during our 5 programs from the Nocturne series, starting at 10pm between Wednesday, August 23rd, and Sunday, August 27th.

FACES 2023