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mesocosm is a collaborative project between Emma Forgues, Joël Lavoie and Philippe Vandal.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Computation Arts from Concordia University, Emma Forgues focuses her art on the sociocultural impacts of science and technology on the female body. She has presented installations and performance projets in numerous galleries and festivals, including during the 2017 edition of MUTEK, and also collaborates with interdisciplinary arts collective somme.

Montréal composer and sound artist Joël Lavoie explores themes of recollections, introspection and faraway places through music that is both minimalist in form and maximalist in timbre. Releasing albums on Montréal labels KOHLENSTOFF, Jeunesse cosmique and Mikroclimat, Lavoie notably performed in Canada, in Mexico and across Europe.

A member of Concordia University’s Milieux Institute, Philippe Vandal focalizes on the interconnections between macro and micro scales and their implications on our socio-ecological environments. His work has been featured at Concordia’s VAV Gallery, at Art Mûr, at Eastern Bloc, during the International Symposium on Electronic Arts and more recently collaborated for an exhibition at the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

mesocosm CA/QC
World Premiere

Montréal trio mesocosm, collaboration between videographer Emma Forgues and musicians Philippe Vandal et Joël Lavoie, sets out to explore an autonomous ecosystem loosely constructed from a blend of modular syntheses, field recordings, evocative computer-generated elements and live video manipulation. Orchestrated from this universe’s erratic and unpredictable soundscape reminiscent of glitch, noise, ambient and electroacoustics, a new reality will emerge, teetering on the edge of chaos and harmony, a veritable symbiosis between the synthetic and the organic.


Montréal-based trio mesocosm, composed of videographer Emma Forgues and musicians Philippe Vandal and Joël Lavoie.


KOHLENSTOFF, Jeunesse cosmique, Mikroclimat, Phinery


Demolitions #1 in SOLIDARITY with UNIST'OT'EN compilation (2021)
Joël Lavoie: Souvenir (2020), Cabines (2018)
Philippe Vandal : Network Glass (2021) Umwelt (2019)


The trio will propel audiences on an audiovisual quest into an alien ecosystem filled with soundscapes both synthetic and organic, merging glitch and electroacoustics.