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MRAK (Carmine Conte / Tale Of Us)it

MRAK (Carmine Conte / Tale Of Us)<sup>it</sup>
MRAK (Carmine Conte / Tale Of Us)it

MRAK is the revolutionary irruption of Carmine Conte, half of the duo Tale Of Us, in the field of live performance. Loyal to the melodies and harmonies that have made the duo one of the most successful names in the club scene, but also influenced by a year without dancing and partying, Carmine has decided to "innovate and transform", turning the first letters of his name (Karm) and giving birth to MRAK, a project that had its world premiere at MUTEK ES+AR 2021 - Hybrid Edition and that counted with the collaboration of the BARTS venue.

The act combines futuristic lighting technologies with intense harmonies coming from analog machinery, playing with improvisation, modulations and digital sequences, following the models of composer and multi-instrumentalist Vangelis. The cinematic aspect of the performance will favor the immersion of the audience in a total acoustic experience. As if inviting us to discover the truth of all the path travelled so far as an artist, or as George Orwell would say "in the face of a deception, to tell the truth is a revolutionary act".