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Pierce Warnecke & Matthew BiedermanFR+CA/QC

Pierce Warnecke & Matthew Biederman<sup>FR+CA/QC</sup>
Pierce Warnecke & Matthew BiedermanFR+CA/QC
A/Visions 2

08.27 | 19:00_21:30 Montréal time
Live A/V

Pierce Warnecke is a digital artist working equally in the sonic and visual domains. His projects, on the border between experimental music, digital arts and video art, are influenced by the effects of time on matter, and the limits of sensory experience. In addition to his solo work, he regularly collaborates with the likes of Frank Bretschneider, Matthew Biederman and Keith Fullerton Whitman. Also an assistant professor at Berklee University, Warnecke has presented works at MUTEK, CTM, ELEKTRA, ZKM and many more, and his music has notably released music on Sedition, Room40 and raster-media.

Matthew Biederman has been working across media and milieus, architectures and systems, communities and landscapes since 1990. He has served as artist-in-residence for a number of prestigious institutions, including the Center for Experimental Television, CMU’s CREATE lab, the Wave Farm and the Bioarts Society, among others. His work has been featured at the Biennale d’art contemporain in Lyon, the Istanbul Design Biennial, the Tokyo Museum of Photography, ELEKTRA, MUTEK, Ars Electronica, Montréal’s Biennale internationale d’art numérique (BIAN), Italy’s Artissima, New Zealand’s SCAPE Biennial, the Moscow Biennale and many, many other illustrious festivals.

Initially commissioned for the INDEX Biennial of Art and Technology (Braga, Portugal), Spillover studied the impacts of a proposed lithium mine in northern Portugal using drones and LIDAR scans. Through sounds and images generated from the resulting point cloud scans, Spillover delves into humanity’s relationship with its surroundings and aims to leverage a return to working in harmony with the environment.


US-born, France-based sound and visual artist Pierce Warnecke and Chicago-born, Montréal-based multidisciplinary artist Matthew Biederman explore the boundaries along the nature/culture divide through sound and images.


Sedition, Room40, raster-media, Astral Spirits, INSUB.records


Phonotypic Plasticity (Astral Spirits, 2019)
Guède (INSUB.records, 2018)


The subject of Spillover, a mountain near rural Montalegre, would be destroyed to facilitate a proposed lithium mine, endangering one of Portugal’s main sources of drinking water and drastically reshaping the landscape.