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Priori & JekCA/QC+US

Priori & Jek<sup>CA/QC+US</sup>
Priori & JekCA/QC+US

08.24 | 11:00 pm_6:00 am
Live A/V

Francis Latreille, known as Priori, is a pivotal figure in Québec's underground techno scene. His music, rich with science fiction and fantasy elements, blends organic and synthetic sounds into complex soundscapes. An adept mixing engineer and co-founder of NAFF recordings and Jump Source studio, Priori significantly influences Canada's electronic music. His forthcoming album, This But More, releases on May 24th, 2024. Departing from his dance-focused roots, it offers a contemplative mix of electronic and acoustic sounds, enhanced with a booklet of stories by Devon Hansen and animated visuals by Jack Anderson, inviting listeners into a deeper, introspective auditory experience.
Jack Anderson (Jek) is a Brooklyn-based American artist and designer known for blending analog textures with digital techniques, creating a unique fusion. His collaborations span notable artists like Priori and Huerco S, and festivals such as Draaimolen and Mode. Anderson's work includes stage design, live audio-visual performances, and 3D music videos, featured in publications like Fact Magazine and i-D Magazine. His experimental approach not only captivates but also pushes the boundaries of traditional performances, inviting audiences into a symbiotic world where technology and organic forms vividly intersect.

Priori & Jek CA/QC+USThis But More
Live A/V | North American Premiere

Explore the introspective soundscapes of Priori’s latest album, This But More, paired with Jek’s mesmerizing visuals. This collaboration, first revealed at Dekmantel Melbourne, blends acoustic and electronic elements for a boundary-pushing auditory and visual experience. Don’t miss this unique synthesis of digital art and sound.


The duo is made up of Quebec musician Priori (Francis Latreille) and American designer Jek (Jack Anderson).


NAFF, Midgar, Trule


Priori (Francis Latreille)
Learn to Fly (2024)
Pareidolia (2023)

Jek (Jack Anderson)
Mode Festival (2023)
Draaimolen Festival (2023)


In 2018, Priori (Francis Latreille) co-founded the NAFF label in Montreal, which aims to highlight emerging artists on the electronic scene.