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Rich AucoinCA

Rich Aucoin<sup>CA</sup>
Rich AucoinCA
Métropolis 2

08.26 | 11:00 pm_6:00 am
Live: 11:00 pm_12:00 am

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Halifax-born musician, singer-songwriter and producer Rich Aucoin launched his solo career in 2007 with his Personal Publication EP. He quickly made a name for himself by merging his ambitious and exploratory brand of Pop music with impressive feats of endurance, notably a coast-to-coast bike tour and a series of running marathons, with each of these feats supporting a different charity. Thus, even before the release of his first full album We're All Dying to Live in 2011 (featuring over 500 guests!), Aucoin had grown his reputation as a highly-captivating artist. The following albums, such as 2014’s Ephemeral and 2019’s Release only cemented his stature as a fully-fledged Indie-pop auteur. In 2020, he continued to defy expectations by releasing United States, a psychedelic travel diary. This effort was followed by Synthetic : Season 1 in 2022, the first volume of a four-part tentacular opus composed with the rare and historic synth collection of Calgary’s National Music Centre, where he held residency. Aucoin followed with Synthetic - A Synth Odyssey : Season 2 in 2023, on which he again played a range of instruments, including 40 synths from the Alberta-based collection.

Rich Aucoin is known for his ever-evolving, interactive and community-based multimedia performances. For this world premiere of Synthetic, the set will be constructed and performed around synchronized yet abstract imagery, and supported by a light show. The performance will cover the first two seasons of Synthetic, a sumptuous journey throughout synth history, blending Aucoin’s melodic sensibilities with textured experimentations, regardless of genre. It is an entirely new phase and process for Aucoin’s music practice.


Halifax, Nova Scotia-based musician, singer-songwriter and producer Rich Aucoin is best known for his galvanizing performance concerts and the six studio albums under his belt, notably the recent Synthetic- A Synth Odyssey Season 1 and Season 2.


We Are Busy Bodies, Haven Sounds, Dine Alone, Bonsound


Synthetic: Season 2 (We Are Busy Bodies, 2023)

Synthetic: Season 1 (We Are Busy Bodies, 2022)

United States (Haven Sounds, 2020)

Release (Haven Sounds, 2019)


Aucoin is also known for his ambitious videoclips, namely Brian Wilson Is A.L.I.V.E., which earned 2013’s Prism prize. This video involved the filming of a mini biopic of chief Beach Boys composer Brian Wilson, leading Wilson to promote the footage on his own Twitter account in September 2012.