Montréal Québec Canada
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Having a strong affinity for sound as a physical phenomenon and a material of expression, Alexandre Pariseau advocates the implementation of a certain automation in his creative process, which leads him to elaborate the most versatile sound processing and composition systems possible. He explores the various emerging phenomena of algorithmic processing, and seeks to discover and extract their aesthetic qualities in order to create atmospheres that challenge him. His meticulous approach focuses primarily on the sensitive and unconscious impression that an emerging atmosphere can evoke.

Francis Drouin has been working for several years on the creation of generative images, notably through the TouchDesigner software, whose possibilities he is constantly exploring through research and experimentation. Self-taught, he seeks to create natural textures that transcend their digital origin, and whose plastic qualities are reminiscent of painting techniques and materiality.

World Premiere

biliminal is an immersive A/V performance that explores the different ways in which sound and visual material, whether real or inspired by the real world, can be distorted using algorithmic transformation systems to create ethereal atmospheres whose various elements are at the limit of the perceptible but vaguely reminiscent of their original form. The audience is plunged into a universe in constant tension, between meditative lullabies and chaotic deflagrations, where sound spatialization and immersive projections envelop and blur the fine line that separates the real from the virtual.

In collaboration with the Society for Arts and Technology


Alexandre Pariseau has been nourishing an affinity for sound as a physical phenomenon and as a means of expression for nearly ten years, while Francis Drouin has been focusing on the creation of generative images for several years.


Alexandre Pariseau : Noctambule (2021)
Francis Drouin : Lueurs (2021), TransLucide (2020)


With a bachelor's degree in Interactive Media from UQAM, Alexandre Pariseau and Francis Drouin were able to perfect their knowledge of computer programming, video mapping, various audiovisual design software and new media art.