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upsammy & Jonathan CastroNL+PE/NL

upsammy & Jonathan Castro<sup>NL+PE/NL</sup>
upsammy & Jonathan CastroNL+PE/NL
Nocturne 3

08.25 | 10:00 pm_3:05 am
Live A/V: 11:05 pm_11:50 pm

© Neven Allgeier / N/A

Dutch DJ, producer and multidisciplinary artist upsammy (Thessa Torsing) creates interpretative spaces, cleverly paradoxical in their concurrent comfort and desolation. With a keen ear for crystalline melody and intricate rhythm, she creates impressions of perpetuity and spatiality through her compositions. Sliding across tempo scales while retaining an organic touch, upsammy’s music hums with the gentle sounds of nature digitized. Her adventurous and narrative approach to composition translates to her DJ sets as well. The music she plays takes cues from trippy electronics, the more experimental side of DnB and oddball techno.
Having studied Image and Media Technology at the Utrecht University of the Arts, upsammy is intrigued by the rhythms and vibrational qualities of her surroundings. As a multidisciplinary artist, she researches these interactions through sound, photography and video, explorations which simultaneously influence her music production process.

Jonathan Castro Alejos is a Peruvian graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam who works with sound, video, installation, and performance. Assembling and reassembling collected raw materials embedded with different qualities, Castro Alejos reconstructs these into novel surfaces, objects, visual languages, and soundscapes. His explorative-based practice oscillates between the real and the fictitious, generating disorienting and unnerving experiences that elicit unusual emotional responses.
He was recently invited as artist in residence at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht (Netherlands) and has collaborated with various record labels. His work has been exhibited internationally.

Germ in a Population of Buildings is an audiovisual live performance by upsammy and visual artist Jonathan Castro Alejos. Sounds, images and textures from various localities are dissected and processed into unique sonic sculptures. Radiating notes, vocalic echoes and fast-skittering rhythms interact, while simultaneously floating in a dream-like fictitious environment. Through this process, the artists find a renewed angle to their estranging and intricate club sound, driven by the cyclical shapes of nature.

Presented with the support of The Performing Arts Fund NL.

DJ, producer and multidisciplinary artist upsammy, together with visual artist Jonathan Castro Alejos, deliver a mesmerizing A/V performance.


PAN Recordings, Dekmantel


Germ in a Population of Buildings (PAN, 2023)

Placeness Produced (2022)

Bend (Dekmantel, 2021)

Zoom (Dekmantel, 2020)


Released in May 2023, upsammy’s most recent album, Germ in a Population of Buildings, combines contorted voices, fragile rhythms and melancholic synths.