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December 3, 2020
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Québec artists at MUTEK.JP+MX

MUTEK MTL JP MX PORTOPORTO par Bruno Destombes 031

Photo Credit: Bruno Destombes

MUTEK Mexico and MUTEK Tokyo are collaborating for their first joint edition on from December 9 to 13 with 40 performances. Discover the 3 Québec performances through the MUTEK Connect project, which provides space for collaborations with the global MUTEK branches and international partners:

Moonshine (CD+CA/QC) ─ SMS FOR LOCATION: Live edition

The afro centred collective known as Moonshine comes together for SMS FOR LOCATION - Live edition. Known globally for their lunar-based raves celebrating African and Electronic music, the crew is here to bring fire to the digital stage. From a rooftop overlooking South West Montreal, Pierre Kwenders, San Farafina and Bonbon Kojak gather on the decks to drop original Moonshine music complimented by the talented vocalist Odile Myrtil and the spirited percussion of Elli Mbonda.

To watch the performance, click here.

Presented by Nyege Nyege et TransmissionMTL, as part of Stream On, a project by MUTEK, with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Photo Credit: Boris Halas

008130290036 jpg

Nelly-Eve Rajotte (CA/QC)

Live A/V - Première mondiale

Creating dynamic visual projections at the intersection of sound, video and performance, Nelly-Eve Rajotte transmits the immersive, trancelike, and anxiety-producing elements of the natural world directly into our minds. Her audiovisual works of extreme "end spaces" (from sprawling architecture to endless frozen tundra) cause both physical and emotional reactions in the viewer, offering a world-piercing gaze that awes and unsettles at the same time.

To watch the performance, click here.

Presented as part of Stream On, a project by MUTEK, with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. #BringingTheArtsToLife

Photo Credit: Bruno Destombes


Porto Porto! (US+CA+VT+MZ/QC)

Live - Première mondiale

Musicians, sound artists and producers, Porto Porto! is making electronic music on its own terms, melding styles and genres; with bass-heavy beats and lush melodies woven together into their own brand of experimental avant-house. Alex from California on the Bionic Harp, Quan from Vietnam on his custom-designed modular synths, Samito from Mozambique on the keys and vocals, and the Boogieman, the Montréal-local and mastermind behind the group, on beats, bass lines and sound design. Their live set promises to be a Montréal-seasoned melting-pot of real-time sampling, bass heavy beats, and experimental analog dance music.

To watch the performance, click here.

Presented as part of Stream On, a project by MUTEK, with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. #BringingTheArtsToLife

Photo Credit: Bruno Destombes

MUTEK MTL JP MX PORTOPORTO par Bruno Destombes 008

The virtual platform offers an interactive Gallery exhibiting 20 cutting-edge digital artworks included Baillat & Diagraf CA/QC and Sabrina Ratté CA/QC/FR:

Baillat & Diagraf (CA/QC)

Baillat is a multiplatform production and design studio based in Montreal that distinguishes itself with an audacious and refined approach. Multidisciplinary, our work is carried out in all formats - print, digital, motion and artistic installation - creating striking identities that reach far beyond the limits of traditional advertising. We place the entirety of our experience at the service of our clients and their creative projects in which we are fully invested.

With a filmmaker's perspective on visual thematics and narrative, Diagraf combines minimalist aesthetics and complex evolutive graphics with emotive cinematic content. Keenly tuned in to the sounds of the musicians and producers he works alongside, Diagraf often creates new content inspired by their music, working much like a filmmaker in reverse as he edits his images live while the musical performance unfolds.

Photo Credit: Baillat & Diagraf

MKMXJP 2020 GG Trans

Sabrina Ratté (CA/QC/FR)


Sabrina Ratté is a Canadian artist living in Paris, her practice is interested in the multiple manifestations of the digital image: analog video, 3D animation, photography, printing, sculpture, virtual reality and installation. The continual integration of new techniques formally supports themes that cross her works such as the psychological influence exerted by architecture and the digital environment on our perception of the world as well as the relationship we have with the virtual aspect of existence. She was nominated for the Sobey Prize for the Arts in 2019 and 2020. Her works have been presented internationally by several institutions including the Laforet Museum (Tokyo), the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec (Quebec), Thoma Foundation (Santa Fe) and the PHI Center (Montreal).

‘Aliquid’ is a single-channel video where the electronic signal is manipulated digitally to materialize into synthetic flesh. Slowly landing onto a glass architecture, this undefined substance is torn apart by sharp edges and eventually disintegrates into particles that spread into the atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Aliquid by Sabrina Ratté

MKMXJP 2020 GG Sabrina Ratte

You will also access a series of lectures, talks and masterclasses, and a Listening Room with non-stop selections from the MUTEK network’s archives. All of the programming for both editions is available with the purchase of a single ticket price of $10 USD.
Join us on now.

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