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July 27, 2021
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Exploring Imaginaries of Artificial Intelligence

Isabella Salas Small Flower Bits

Photo: Isabella Salas "Small Flower Bits"

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Artificial intelligence is back as a recurring thread at the 7th edition of the Forum. This year’s event will bring together a group of international speakers to explore diverse imaginaries of AI, including a keynote by Benjamin Bratton, author of the influential MIT book The Stack, whose upcoming publication The Revenge of the Real studies the future of politics in a post-pandemic world and AI’s role within it.

A panel presented in collaboration with Ars Electronica’s FutureLab will dive into the topic of cross-cultural approaches to collaborative composing between humans and machines, critically investigating the question of autonomy and human intention in the creative application of AI. Hosted by renowned AI music researcher Ali Nikrang, it will feature Japanese sound artist Yuri Suzuki, Mexican-Canadian interdisciplinary artist and producer Isabella Salas, and digital culture researcher and writer Maya Indira Ganesh.

Furthermore, initiator of the Global AI Narratives project at Cambridge University Kanta Dihal will be joined by Artificial Life researcher Takashi Ikegami of Tokyo University, Montréal-based artist Lucas LaRochelle, and African Science Fiction expert and writer Nedine Moonsamy in a joint exploration of alternative imaginaries of AI.

Another set of short presentations will offer insights into AI’s impact on the future of music, the digital arts, and XR, showcasing practical approaches towards algorithmic co-creation. Participating creators include former MUTEK AI Art Lab advisor Nao Tokui, Keychange cohort member and expert in copyright questions Celine Garcia, creative coder and experimental poet Sarah Ciston, and audiovisual artist Noah Pred.

As part of the series of artist Q&As taking place at the Forum, Turkish creator and computer scientist Memo Akten will share insights into his eclectic practice, which connects with artificial intelligence as much as it does with fundamental physics, and religion.

Finally, a workshop hosted by the creators of, a practice-based research and development project at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and the German Museum, will introduce participants to the basics of Deep Learning and allow them to explore the topic of data bias.

Ali Nikrang AT — Ars Electronica Futurelab Benjamin Bratton US — University of California San Diego Celine Garcia FR — Puppet Master Label & Publishing Isabella Salas MX/QC — Isabella Salas Studio Jana Müller DE — Deutsches Museum Nuremberg Kanta Dihal NL/UK — University of Cambridge Lucas LaRochelle CA/QC — Queering The Map Maya Indira Ganesh IN/DE+UK — University of Cambridge Nao Tokui JP — Qosmo Nedine Moonsamy ZA — University of Pretoria Noah Pred CA/DE — Manifest Audio GbR Orit Halpern US/QC — Concordia University Ralf Eger DE — ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe Sarah Ciston US — University of Southern California Takashi Ikegami JP — University of Tokyo Yannick Hofmann DE — ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe Yuri Suzuki JP/UK — Pentagram Design

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About MUTEK Forum

In parallel to the Festival, the MUTEK Forum is back for its seventh edition from Tuesday, August 24 to Thursday, September 2 on our virtual platform. This market for ideas aims to bring together artists and companies in digital creativity and electronic music, with the goal of exploring the latest artistic practices while stimulating reflection on the ethical and political issues related to technology and the digital world. Artificial intelligence, extended reality (XR), immersive creation and crypto art are among the many themes that will be explored by more than 100 local and international speakers through 60 activities.

For a second consecutive year, the Forum will also feature a virtual market that facilitates networking by showcasing Québec, Canadian and international artists to buyers from around the world. More than 750 participants, including over 200 distributors, representing 400 different organizations and companies from over 50 countries, will gather on the online platform to attend conferences, panels and workshops, and to develop artistic connections and business opportunities.

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