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December 16, 2019
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SODEC presents the Atelier Grand Nord XR

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The Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC) has announced the nine XR projects selected for the fourth edition of the Atelier Grand Nord XR, which will be held in Montebello from February 2 to 7, 2020.

The Atelier Grand Nord XR is modelled on the Atelier Grand Nord for screenwriting, but focuses instead on nine emerging projects in virtual, augmented or mixed reality. It was created in the context of the Plan culturel numérique du Québec.
The workshop is a space for participants to discuss their projects with experts, to gain greater insight into their respective works and to exchange ideas and viewpoints. At the same time, they will build connections that encourage peer support, as well as future productions and co-productions.
For the first time, the selected projects by Québec artists will benefit from a $30,000 grant in order to support the artists’ ongoing development and expertise.


  • Métamorphose (Québec): Rémi Dufresne, scriptwriter // Alexis Fortier Gauthier, director // Pascal Pelletier, producer // Halo Création and Art & Essai
  • Mlle Else VR (Québec): Audrey Pacart, producer and director // Tali Goldstein, interactive studio director // Item 7 Productions
  • Les pieds en haut: l’âge adulte (Québec): Martine Asselin and Annick Daigneault, designers and directors // Sébastien Gros, producer // UNLTD
  • Sherlock Holmes AR (Québec): Maude Thibodeau, interactive scriptwriter // Nicolas S. Roy, producer // Dpt.
  • Anthropocène (Switzerland): Rhona Mühlebach and Julia Bünter, co-authors and co-directors // Florian Burion, producer // Octuor Films
  • La Fuite (Brussels): Jean-Louis Decoster, director and artistic director // Benjamin Honoré, producer, Octopods
  • Shock the Monkey (Luxembourg): Nicolas Blies and Stéphane Hueber-Blies, scriptwriters and directors // François Le Gall, producer // a_BAHN – Lucid Realities
  • Woods (France): Samuel Lepoil, author and director // Rémi Large, producer // Tamanoir Immersive Studio
  • 369 (France): Ãnanda Safo, author and director // Gwenaëlle Clauwaert, producer // Ten2Ten Films


  • Dominic Desjardins, director and producer, Zazie Films, and workshop moderator
  • Eloi Champagne, animation studio technical director, National Film Board of Canada
  • Jean-Pascal Beaudoin, cofounder and president, director of sound, Headspace Studio
  • Coline Delbaere, XR producer
  • Paul Georges, developer – business support // Unity Technologies
  • James Sénade, cofounder, VFX superviser, artistic directer // Saint George Studio


The fourth edition of the Atelier Grand Nord XR has been organized by SODEC in collaboration with MUTEK, with support from the Centre national du cinema et de l’image animée (CNC); Film Fund Luxembourg; and; Cinéform and the Fondation de formation continue pour le cinéma et l’audiovisuel (FOCAL); the Canada Media Fund (CMF); the National Film Board of Canada (NFB); and Xn Québec.


SODEC’s mission is to support the development of cultural enterprises in Québec and abroad across the sectors of film and television, books and publishing, fine arts and crafts, and music and variety. SODEC also undertakes to ensure that heritage buildings are protected and promoted.

SODEC Atelier Grand Nord XR
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