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March 25, 2024
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MUTEK LIVE of the week: 333 - 335

MUTEK24 20230826 Rosina Bruno Aiello Destombes 042 1

Every year, during the festival, we record the performances to let you relive those unique moments shared on the dance floor. This week, projects that invite exchanges with ROSINA, S.Chioini and Sara Berts.


This show by ROSINA is a celebration, where part drag and performance art meets dance music hype show. It's sensuous, fun, ridiculous, tricksterish, punk and addresses important issues their communities face!

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MUTEK LIVE333 Rosina

S. Chioini

After several years of exploration, this inaugural live performance under the alias S. Chioini represents significant musical growth and maturation. At the heart of the performance is enthralling, danceable club music that embodies the composer's wide-ranging influences. Techno and breaks intertwine in dynamic contrast, extending from 20th-century orchestral music to contemporary electronic avant-garde.

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MUTEK LIVE334 Chioini

Sara Berts

A conversation between natural ecosystems and synth voices and effects, Braiding Fragments by Italian musician Sara Berts weaves together field recordings and synthesis, creating a sonic in-between space, a melting together, a processing of the visible world into beautiful ambient tones and possible states.

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MUTEK LIVE335 Sara Berts

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