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April 16, 2024
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MUTEK LIVE of the week : 342 - 344

MUTEK24 20230824 Twin Rising VJ Isotone Frédérique Ménard Aubin 2 9

Every year, during the festival, we record the performances to let you relive those unique moments shared on the dance floor. This week, all nuanced shows with StMichel, The Mole and Twin Rising.


Accompanied by an array of synths, StMichel returns to the limelight to present a live version of his acclaimed album Données Sensibles. Throughout this performance, he explores the many nuances of his signature brand of electronic music, mesmerizing the audience with enthralling Techno, synthetic textures and leftfield House sounds.

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MUTEK LIVE342 St Michel

The Mole

Based on a lyric from Parliament/Funkadelic that Colin de la Plante’s daughters love to chant and shout in the car, Go Wiggle ! is in part about crossing thresholds and the dramatic effect of passing through doorways and also strictly retro, which can be heard in the drums and stripped down rhythms and harmonies.

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MUTEK LIVE343 The Mole

Twin Rising

This album-project by Twin Rising (Tomas Furey) was sparked from an interest in fusing together the artist’s fascination with electroacoustic music and pop; inducing a complete absorption in sound, coupled with the cadences of pop codes. Born from a desire to bring the listener into an immersive environment, the performance allows for optimal listening.

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MUTEK LIVE344 Twin Rising

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