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December 26, 2023
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MUTEKLIVE of the week : 306 - 308

MUTEK24 20230827 Deena Abdelwahed Vivien Gaumand 22

Every year, during the festival, we record the performances to let you relive those unique moments shared on the dance floor. This week, enjoy three distinct performances with DATUM CUT, Deadbeat presents Ark Welders Guild and Deena Abdelwahed.


Post-digital and analog meet in this performance by DATUM CUT, where creative methods associated with experimental cinema and video art merge with those of digital technologies.

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Deadbeat presents Ark Welders Guild

Ark Welders Guild is a new audiovisual project created by Scott Monteith, best known by his stage name Deadbeat, in collaboration with Italian singer Letizia Trussi.

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MUTEK LIVE307 Deadbeat Présente Ark Welders Guild

Deena Abdelwahed

Merging techno, Arab musical frameworks and hypnotic vocal harmonies, Deena Abdelwahed’s music doesn’t soothe; the sounds she crafts unambiguously reflect the frustrations and violence of the modern world, yet unleash a torrent of life-saving energy and rhythms intended to induce meaningful change. For this unique performance, she is accompanied by Khalil Hentati on keyboard and loutar.

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MUTEK LIVE308 Deena Abdelwahed

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