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December 7, 2022
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Quebec digital arts export themselves to MUTEK Tokyo

MUTEK22 France Jobin Markus Heckmann credit Bruno Destombes DSC00018

After Barcelona in April, Buenos Aires in September and Mexico City in November, the seventh edition of MUTEK Japan, taking place from December 7 to 11, will welcome a selection of Quebec and Canadian artists to conclude a festive and unifying year throughout our network.

Following two years of disruption, MUTEK has sought to make up for this suspended time by proposing the most avant-garde projects in the fields of electronic music and audiovisual performances. This new edition of MUTEK JP will be no exception, as its programming will mix local and international artists, recognized or emerging.

MUTEKJP22 final lineup

With the support of the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec and the Délégation générale du Québec à Tokyo, no less than fifteen actors from the Quebec cultural milieu will take part in this edition, between performances and professional meetings:

BunBun | France Jobin & Markus Heckmann | laced & LCL_Stream | Montreal Life Support & Woulg | Myriam Bleau | Myriam Boucher | Priori | Pheek | Vincent Lemieux

Among the artistic figures, all or almost all of them have passed through MUTEK Montréal in the past few years before joining the Tokyo program. This is the case for laced, who performs alongside her partner LCL_Stream, on the occasion of their first audiovisual collaboration for MUTEK.JP x WOMB. This same night, Priori will make his Japanese premiere with a live performance that promises to be a highlight of the program.

The Play 1 program, which explores the relationship between audiovisual works and experimentation with artificial intelligence, is an opportunity for Montreal Life Support & Woulg to present Empty Vessels, an immersive audiovisual installation that saw its world premiere at MUTEK Montreal in 2021. During this same edition, Myriam Bleau unveiled Unsculpt, an audiovisual production mixing hybrid electronic music and visuals from generative processes, a performance she will reprise for MUTEK JP.

Play 2 focuses on audiovisual performances transcending physical and virtual media. On this occasion, Myriam Boucher will present Littoral, a piece combining sculptural objects, sound and light, while France Jobin & Markus Heckmann will perform Entanglement, a work inspired by entanglement in quantum physics and quantum field theory, which is one of the three audiovisual performances transposed into a VR work for the Immersive Collection project.

This seventh edition is an opportunity to develop even closer links between artists, notably through three international collaborations:

VJ BUNBUN & KOPY: The Montréal-based VJ is on visual duty during the performance of musician Yuko Kureyama, aka KOPY, for a singular encounter between two universes that seem so removed from one another.

Sakura Tsuruta & Myriam Boucher: The Japanese producer, whose dark and ethereal sound combinations conquered MUTEK Montreal in 2020, joins forces with Quebec visual artist Myriam Boucher.

Pheek & Manami Sakamoto present Terra, a collaborative performance that explores the nature of beauty through the expression of fractal randomness and abstract happenings, focusing on the diverse contrasts between the origins of nature, human emotions and the destruction and regeneration caused by technological evolution.

For the last Canadian-Japanese collaboration, we present MUTEK Soundsystem, the merging of two members of the MUTEK teams, Vincent Lemieux & Koki, vibrating the 4th floor of WOMB.

Find the whole program

MUTEK. JP Pro Conference

The professional component of the festival focuses on the latest trends in digital creativity and aims to contribute to the development of the creative industry.

MUTEKJP22 Pro Con landscape 02

Alain Mongeau | Jenny Thibault | Jordan H. A | Lola Baraldi | Melissa Weigel | Mourad Bennacer | Paul Boyland

On this occasion, Alain Mongeau, founder and co-director of MUTEK Montreal, will share his vision of the structure's 25th anniversary, and Lola Baraldi, production manager of the Immersive Collection, will present this ambitious project from the other side of the globe with artists France Jobin and Markus Heckmann.

Two members of the Society for Arts and Technology will also speak: Mourad Bennacer on a panel exploring the latest developments in the XR continuum and Jenny Thibault, who along with two other Canadian expatriates Melissa Weigel and Paul Boyland, will participate in a conversation entitled De-borderizing digital creativity: Cross-pollination between business, research, and artistic practice.

MUTEK JP's virtual reality exhibition presents five works employing extended reality (XR) technologies on December 8 and 9 on the fourth floor of Shibuya Stream Hall. The exhibition features three works from the Immersive Collection, a project launched by MUTEK Montreal this year to produce VR works: Entanglement XR - France Jobin & Markus Heckmann, House of Moiré - Chloe Alexandra Thompson & Matthew Edwards, and Immortelle - Line Katcho. Choreographer, dancer and visual artist Hiroaki Umeda presents indivisible substance VR, a VR version of a work that will be presented at the Yokohama Dance Collection 2022 in December, while French producer Molécule presents "-22.7°C", a work inspired by his adventure to the North Pole and Greenland to record sound.

Thumbnail Immersive Collection

This 7th edition of MUTEK.JP is a project commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, "2022 Strategic Project to Create Culture and the Arts"

Photographic credits in chronological order:
Entanglement, France Jobin & Markus Heckmann | MUTEK Montréal 2021 | © Bruno Destombes
Empty Vessels
, Montréal Life Support & Woulg | MUTEK Montréal 2021 | © Myriam Ménard
, France Jobin & Markus Heckmann | MUTEK Montréal 2021 | © Bruno Destombes

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