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Amnesia Scanner & Freeka TetFI/DE+FR/US

Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet<sup>FI/DE+FR/US</sup>
Amnesia Scanner & Freeka TetFI/DE+FR/US

08.23 | 11:00 pm_4:00 am
Live A/V

Amnesia Scanner, the Berlin-based Finnish duo has been reshaping the electronic music landscape since its inception in 2014. Renowned for their innovative approach, the duo explores the intersections of music production, performance, and the evolving landscape of digital culture. Their work delves into the implications of system vulnerabilities and informational overload, expressing these themes through a unique sonic palette that blends elements of grime, trap, and rave. Their albums, including the groundbreaking Another Life and Tearless, showcase a distinctive use of the AI-generated voice, Oracle, which intertwines human-like and mechanical qualities to create an uncanny auditory experience. This voice, central to their narrative, questions the nature of humanity in the digital age. Amnesia Scanner's performances are not just auditory but are holistic sensory experiences, often enhanced by their collaboration with visual arts collectives such as PWR.

Freeka Tet, a French digital artist based in New York City, is a creative force known for his multidisciplinary approach that includes everything from prosthetics and animatronics to hacking and coding. His work, deeply influenced by internet culture and the absurdities of social human behavior, challenges and reinterprets the everyday through a lens that blends technical mastery with artistic expression. Working with references like Aphex Twin and Childish Gambino, and consulting for brands like Prada and Google, Freeka Tet brings a provocative and transformative perspective to both his personal projects and commercial collaborations. His art, frequently featured in prestigious venues like Art Basel and the Fondation Cartier, continually pushes the boundaries of how digital art is perceived and experienced.

Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet FI/DE+FR/USSTROBE.RIP
Live A/V | North American Premiere

Amnesia Scanner and Freeka Tet present STROBE.RIP, an audacious auditory and visual exploration into the interplay of human and machine realms. This performance probes the impact of digital ecosystems on contemporary existence and live music experiences. Their unique blend heightens awareness of isolation within collapsing natural and informational environments, reflecting on survival in an increasingly digital society. Their creation resonates with distinctive, immersive soundscapes that challenge the boundaries of technology and art.


Amnesia Scanner is a Berlin-based duo made up of Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, alongside Freeka Tet, a digital artist based in New York.




STROBE​.​RIP (2023)
Ride (2023)