Montréal Québec Canada
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08.24 | 10:30 pm_3:00 am

Credit: Suleika Müller

Manchester-based artist aya is a distinguished voice in the experimental electronic realm. Known for her audacious sound explorations, aya captivates listeners with her debut LP im hole, and her subsequent releases under the innovative Hyperdub label. Her creative process is deeply intertwined with her experiences and memories, which she transforms into vivid sonic textures that challenge conventional musical structures.
aya's signature sound is characterized by its idiosyncratic elements: whispers, friction, and remote sonic layers. Each crafted track is a meticulous construction that unsparingly ventures into the surreal realms, creating atmospheres that are as introspective as they are unsettling. This approach is brilliantly showcased in her collaborative EP with BFTT, where the fusion of adrenalized rhythms and experimental sound design pushes the boundaries of club music. Additionally, aya co-runs the YCO label with BFTT, which celebrates musical innovation and expression. Her philanthropic and community-oriented endeavors, such as her monthly residency on NTS Radio, underline a commitment to nurturing a vibrant cultural scene.

aya UK
Live | North American Premiere

aya channels the transformative influence of memory and experience into her music, weaving them through the visceral realms of sound. Her approach, often punctuated by the iconic 'think break' and emotive studio sessions, reflects a deep engagement with the physicality of sound. Her debut performance at MUTEK Montréal promises a raw, immersive experience that embodies her unique narrative style.


aya is a British DJ and producer based in Manchester.


YCO, Hyperdub


Lip Flip (2024)
Im hole (2021)
Wish It Would Rain (2021)


Before changing aliases in 2019, aya, formerly LOFT, releases the EP are eye pea ell oh eff tea (literally RIP LOFT) featuring 24 previously unreleased tracks produced over the past 10 years.