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Born and raised in Toronto and currently based in Montréal, Maxime Gordon (aka Bénédicte) is a self-taught producer and sound artist. Gordon created Bénédicte, her main musical project, in 2015. Since then she has been an engaged participant of the Toronto music scene, playing numerous shows across the city and serving as a resident of SBVRSV press’ event series. Gordon is also very interested in spatial sound dynamics, largely due to her experience as an intern at 4DSOUND in Budapest. There, she created the sound sculpture Physique: a study in listening to the human body, that has since been showcased three times in Berlin at the CTM and MIRA Festivals. More recently, she has performed in New York (h0l0), Prague (spirit) and Montréal (café resonance) alongside such acts as Dis Fig, Iku, Valeda, Kelvin T and Qualiatik, among others. In 2020 Bénédicte released a single with Toronto queer label/collective Raven’s Vision and in February 2021 she released the EP When It Binds with NYC-based label Blueberry Records.

Bénédicte CA/QC

At this year’s MUTEK, Montréal-based producer and sound artist Maxime Gordon debuts her new live set based on her latest EP When It Binds. On this release Benedicte explores the nature of emotional connection. How does it change who we are? How are our emotional landscapes altered with this new form of inter-subjectivity? Layers of airy synths, manipulated vocal samples, and skittering percussion present searching sonic interpretations of these questions and offer responses to ever-changing emotional shifts.


Montréal-based producer and sound artist Maxime Gordon (aka Bénédicte).


Blueberry Records


When It Binds (2021)


Benedicte uses her own vocals on her tracks, manipulating them into both familiar melodies and abstract textures.