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Caterina BarbieriIT

Caterina Barbieri<sup>IT</sup>
Caterina BarbieriIT

Photo credit: Jim C Nedd

“A pattern creates a certain state of consciousness. Once it is created, the pattern stands as an object exactly like the sound waves which generate it. We are at the same time inside and outside of the object. While being it, we observe it. Over time we become familiar with the inner structure of the pattern. We decode its gravitational centres, where our psycho-motor attention is attracted, where everything seems to be drawn. When a change in the pattern occurs it causes a perturbation of the previously established field of forces. This causes consciousness to fracture, potentially unfolding layers of perceptions we weren't aware of or simply suggesting that we access only a fraction of our psychic potential. The layered nature of consciousness and the relativity of perception are some of the biggest secrets we can experience through sound.” Italian composer Caterina Barbieri explores the psycho-physical effects of repetition and pattern-based operations in music, by investigating the polyphonic and polyrhythmic potential of sequencers to draw severe, complex geometries in time and space. Approaching music practice as an integrative cognitive feedback between humans and technology lies at the core of her current sonic research, which focuses on the creative use of computation and complex sequencing techniques to trigger temporal and spatial hallucinations.

In each of her pieces, Caterina Barbieri presents a singular identity in part of a bigger picture, a simple pattern, taken in about as many directions as it can go as it finds a way into a whole universe of mind-altering layers that build and repeat to a grand crescendo.

Presented with the support of the Italian Institute of Culture in Montreal


Italian modular synth composer Caterina Barbieri - also goes by Morbida - and part of collaborative projects Upper Glossa and Punctum.


Stroboscopic Artefacts
Editions Mego
Important Records


Spirit Exit (Warp Records, 2022)
Fantas Variations (Editions Mego, 2021)
Ecstatic Computation (Editions Mego, 2019)


When Barbieri talks about music and its history and philosophies, she speaks in long and detailed sermons. The passion she brings when talking about the architecture of this, or the eight harmonic tones of that, is rather evident in her music.