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Cobblestone JazzCA

Cobblestone Jazz<sup>CA</sup>
Cobblestone JazzCA

08.23 | 10:30 pm_3:00 am

Credit: Stephanie Rae

Cobblestone Jazz, the esteemed trio of Danuel Tate, Mathew Jonson, and Tyger Dhula, seamlessly blends the improvisational elements of jazz with the structure of minimal techno. Renowned for their dynamic live performances, they engage in real-time musical dialogues, crafting each show uniquely from the ground up with keyboards and drum machines, eschewing laptops and samplers for a more tactile experience.
Formed in 2002, their music is recorded in a single take, capturing the essence of spontaneity whether from live sessions or studio mixes.
Danuel Tate's jazz-infused keyboard skills contribute rich harmonic and melodic textures, while Mathew Jonson's prowess in mixing and live composition pushes the boundaries of music without pre-set limits. Tyger Dhula's background in DJing and production anchors the trio's sound in electronic music fundamentals, allowing for explorative breaks and dynamic grooves.
With releases on labels like !K7 and ITISWHATITIS Recordings, Cobblestone Jazz has maintained a consistent presence, evidenced by their influential albums such as 23 Seconds and The Modern Deep Left Quartet. Their work not only resonates on the dance floor but also garners appreciation from a spectrum of listeners, ensuring the integration of jazz sensibilities with electronic soundscapes.

Cobblestone Jazz CA

Cobblestone Jazz melds jazz's improvisational flair with the precise beats of minimal techno. Known for crafting their music live using keyboards and drum machines, the trio of Danuel Tate, Mathew Jonson, and Tyger Dhula eschew pre-recorded elements, ensuring that each performance is a unique sonic exploration.


Cobblestone Jazz is a Canadian trio made up of Tyger Dhula, Mathew Jonson, and Danuel Tate.


Hip Waders (2023)
Northern Lights (2015)


After years of playing jazz, Danuel Tate initiated the idea of forming a band to explore the world of electronic music in 2022.