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Eris DrewUS

Eris Drew<sup>US</sup>
Eris DrewUS

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Along with her loving b2b partner Octo Octa, Eris Drew run the T4T LUV RNG recording label out of a log cabin in New Hampshire. Drew is also a recording artist for her own label, Interdimensional Transmissions (Detroit) and Naive Records (Lisbon). She conducts the dance ritual and party, Psychedelic Rites of the Motherbeat, with her friends at Pittsburgh's Hot Mass and at Room 4 Resistance in Berlin.
Her experiences as a musician and dancer have shown her that rave is a powerful apparatus and transformative agent for individuals and communities. Drew gives talks around the world on the connections between dance music culture and other ecstatic traditions. In addition, she is an advocate for trans/non-binary/queer people and mentors aspiring DJs and electronic musicians.

Eris Drew is there to remind us that ritual dance music has been here since the beginning, before historical time; each of us is made for better things than the cultural download we receive provides, and we can use music as a technology to unlock our bodies, dissolve boundaries and models, and find each other..
For this MUTEK performance, Eris Drew plays from her songbook live. For this set, she brings her collaged songs to life with live scratching, keys, percussion and programming, which portraythe deep meanings and structures underlying her psychedelic vision of highly personal body music.

Eris Drew will also play a DJ set on the esplanade Tranquille on Friday, August 25.


Quivering In Time (Interdimensional Publishing, 2021)

Fluids of Emotion (Interdimensional Publishing, 2020)

fabric presents Octo Octa & Eris Drew (fabric Records, 2020)


Drew has been playing and programming keyboards since she was a child. Long-time resident at Chicago's Smart Bar and DJ for the Bunker NY, she started mixing records at 18.