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Jean-Pierre GauthierCA/QC

Jean-Pierre Gauthier<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Jean-Pierre GauthierCA/QC

With the help of visual, sound and kinetic devices, Jean-Pierre Gauthier blends chance, control, disorder, chaos and happy accidents in a truly poetic fashion. His installations roll out sounds and shapes in a sprawling and invasive way; rather systemic than robotic, his pieces are designed as interconnected and reactive systems, with the audience acting both as trigger and source material. His work has been showcased at a number of events dedicated to digital art, namely Transmediale (Berlin, 2006), Electrohype (Lund, 2006), Tonspur (Vienna, 2010), FILE (São Paulo, 2012), International Triennial of New Media Art (Beijing, 2014) and Elektra (Montréal, 2019). He also participated in solo and group exhibitions in the Americas, in Europe and in Asia. Gauthier received multiple awards, namely the Sobey Art Award in 2004, the Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award in 2006 and the Louis-Comtois Award in 2012, and is represented by Montréal art gallery ELLEPHANT.

Jean-Pierre Gauthier CA/QCGénérateur Stochastique

Générateur stochastique invites the audience to operate a game console in order to influence and control, at least partially, the installation’s sound output. Laser sensors and programming using random parameters modify the sounds produced as well as their spatialization. Robotic bows and percussion elements react unexpectedly to lines of code written during the composition process, thus creating a way of composing that challenges the operator’s desire for control.


Montréal-based artist Jean-Pierre Gauthier, contemporary artisan and virtuoso of everyday items.


Générateur Stochastique emulates a relationship akin to that of a conductor trying to lead a rebellious musical automaton that only partially follows the instructions given to it.


Jean-Pierre Gauthier salvages, mechanizes and tinkers with everyday objects in order to harness their sound potential and build machine-art hybrids that resemble living beings.