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Myriam BleauCA/QC
Myriam BleauCA/QC
Myriam BleauCA/QC
Myriam BleauCA/QC

Myriam BleauCA/QC
Myriam BleauCA/QC
Myriam BleauCA/QC
Myriam BleauCA/QC

Play 2

08.24 | 21:30_23:15 Montréal time
Live A/V: 21:30_22:00 Montréal time

Virtual Play 2 - Première (MTL)

08.27 | 20:00_21:30
Live A/V: 20:00_20:30

Virtual Play 2 - Replay (JP)

08.28 | 07:00_08:30
Live A/V: 07:00_07:30

Virtual Play 2 - Replay (EU)

08.28 | 14:00_15:30
Live A/V: 14:00_14:30

Myriam BleauCA/QC

Myriam Bleau is a composer, digital artist and performer based in Montréal. Using music and sound as a point of departure, she has created gestural electronic music performances, audiovisual interfaces, installations and interactive devices that articulate sound, light, movement and symbols. Her work investigates performance, both as a codified cultural manifestation, and as an embodied (re)enactment of symbolic systems through human and non-human agencies. It has been recognized and presented internationally, in festivals such as Prix Ars Electronica (AT), Sónar (ES, HK), MUTEK (MX, CA, AR, JP), ISEA (CA, KR), Transmediale (DE).

Myriam Bleau CA/QCUnsculpt
World Premiere

Unsculpt is an audiovisual performance by Myriam Bleau, exploring and deconstructing new sounds from an upcoming release. It features hybrid electronic music, mixing modular synths with digital synthesis and algorithms in Supercollider. Techniques of convolution, imitation, re-amplification and parallelism contribute to a sense of ambiguity between the sound sources, creating new assemblages of materials and textures. The performance also features the artist’s own visuals for the first time, using generative processes, 3D and machine learning to navigate through shifting architectures.


Montréal-based composer, digital artist and performer, Myriam Bleau.


Electronic, Experimental, Ambient, Dron


Where To Now? Records


Eternity Be Kind (2020)
L'Alter-Monde (2019)
Ballistics (2019)


In addition to her numerous audiovisual performances and interactive installations, Myriam Bleau also released an album Lumens & Profits on British label Where To Now? Records in 2019.


Montréal: 2021