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Natalie PanengZA

Natalie Paneng<sup>ZA</sup>
Natalie PanengZA

Natalie Paneng is a New Media artist who is awkward, complex, has a quirk to her expression, and resides simultaneously in Johannesburg and the cyber village commonly known as the Internet. In 2018, Paneng completed a BA in Theater and the Performing Arts (Hons) from the University of the Witwatersrand, majoring in Production Design (Set and Costume Design) and Art Management. She now makes use of both her self-taught digital skills and her theater background to create multidisciplinary digital art.

Paneng describes herself as a world builder, and sees her growing practice as a way to navigate, share and archive imagined and alternative realities brought to life through her artistic process and digital skills.

Dreamscape tour is a video art installation exploring the thematics and views of South African artist Natalie Paneng, who draws from her past digital art to expand her positionality as a young alternative black woman using the Internet and technology to express herself.


Natalie Paneng is a multidisciplinary artist and set designer from Johannesburg, South Africa, focusing on new media.