Montréal Québec Canada
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08.23 | 11:00 pm_4:00 am

Credit: Thomann Music

Rhyw, the artistic pseudonym of a Welsh-Greek electronic music producer, has made a mark in the techno ecosystem with his audacious and intricate sound. As a former member of the influential duo Cassegrain, he has seamlessly transitioned to a solo career marked by innovative sonic exploration. Rhyw’s music is a testament to his masterful blend of genres, where traditional techno meets the unpredictable rhythms of broken beat, all enriched with cutting-edge sound design.
His releases on prominent labels such as Avian and SSPB showcase a distinct style characterized by a deep understanding of modular synthesis and a penchant for minimal yet robust structures. This unique approach not only resonates in his recordings but also electrifies his live performances, which have graced esteemed venues and events including Berghain, Berlin Atonal, and Boiler Room Tokyo.
Rhyw’s creative process is deeply influenced by a desire to explore the limits of electronic music, creating tracks that maintain dance floor vitality while venturing into experimental realms. His work is a dialogue between the physical and the abstract, inviting listeners to experience a sound that is as intellectually engaging as it is visceral.

Rhyw UK
Live︱Canadian Premiere

Rhyw will offer a sonic exploration that transcends conventional techno boundaries. Known for his adept fusion of ultra-modern techno with elements of broken beat, his sets radiate with modular innovation and sharp sound design.

Rhyw is a Welsh-Greek artist and co-founder of label Fever AM.


Fever AM, Voam, Avian


By the age of 10, Rhyw had a CD collection of his early musical inspirations, including Josh Wink, Apollo 440, Da Hool, and Aphex Twin.