Montréal Québec Canada
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Anna Pavlova is a multidisciplinary artist, music producer, vocalist, and DJ working under the alias Softmatter. Originally from Moscow, Russia, she currently resides in Tiohtià:ke Tsi (Montréal, Canada). Softmatter’s sonic methodology explores mutant, discordant electronics, alongside bouncing, stony drums and pitch-shifted vocals that travel between steepled choral motifs.

In 2020, Softmatter’s debut EP Muscle Performance was released on Halocline Trance, a Toronto-based record label founded by David Psutka (ACT! / Egyptrixx). Softmatter hosts a monthly residency at Internet Public Radio. Her next EP is set for release at the end of August on Infinite Machine.

Softmatter RU/QC

Softmatter will be performing a new live set featuring tracks from her upcoming EP Hyle alongside other recently unreleased material, which explores themes such as the process of realignment/reconnection with self through conscious inquiry. Discover her performance on the free outdoor stage on August 25.


Anna Pavlova, multidisciplinary artist, producer, vocalist and DJ working under the pseudonym Softmatter, originally from Moscow and living in Montréal.


Halocline Trance, Infinite Machine


Hyle (2021)
Muscle Performance (2020)


Her growing presence in Canada's music community has her performing regularly as a vocalist and DJ with artists such as Nkisi, ACT!, Korea Town Acid, Minimal Violence, Reka, Fred P, and Cali Rose.