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January 15, 2024
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MUTEK LIVE of the week : 312 - 314

MUTEK24 20230827 Hieroglyphic Being Vivien Gaumand 23

Every year, during the festival, we record the performances to let you relive those unique moments shared on the dance floor. This week, enjoy three distinct performances with Halina Rice, Hieroglyphic Being and Halina Rice.

Halina Rice

Halina Rice brings her unique immersive A/V live set to MUTEK in a show described as part rave, part art-happening. Blending emotionally evocative electronic music with impactful visuals and bespoke lightshow, the performance unites art, music and tech to deliver a mesmerizing experience. With a keen focus in her work on immersive sound, the show will be delivered in spatial audio to enhance the experience.

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MUTEK LIVE312 Halina Rice

Hieroglyphic Being

For his very first appearance at MUTEK as Hieroglyphic Being, Moss promised a live and improvised performance of music made on the fly, never heard anywhere before.

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MUTEK LIVE313 Hieroglyphic Being


Honeydrip’s performance is an homage to dub, reggae, and dancehall, while keeping her signature bassy dancefloor sound. Psychotropic is any drug that affects behavior, mood, thoughts, or perception, and this debut live set from Honeydrip, featuring vocalist King Shadrock and A/V wizard Emma Forgues, is meant to evoke exactly that.

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MUTEK LIVE314 Honeydrip

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